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Internet Censorship – PIPA/SOPA

Stop American Censorship

We all would be affected as the Internet would be broken and any site targeted whether US or non-US.


Yes, we limit ourselves with our own thought. It is not easy to get out of our limitations. Even though there is an urge rising like a tide to break those limitations and fading away quite frequently.

It’s this constant failure in breaking those limitations, that sucks the life out, gives a sense of being limited, when you know you can be much better.

The environment which surrounds has a dominant effect and sometimes it feels some solitude is essential for reassessing.

The progress might be minute, but it’s happening. The limitations need to be broken little by little.

Letting ourselves be

How often do we stop and look at ourselves?

It is not unusual for many of us to be carried by the current.

The current that we allow to flow, but have lost the meaning of the reason as to why we allowed it and until when.

That reason doesn't quite ring well in the present context.

We allow ourselves to be easy on ourselves to save ourselves from the misery of the continuous critical thought, torturing our minds.

We let ourselves drive, without our permission and sometimes it surprises us, when we are at the deepest trenches of our existence.  

The point of the post being, check where the current is taking you. Is it is where you decided to go? Is it where you feel justified about yourself and the crux of the moment, the moment being the resultant of your existence. 

Not everything falls in place, at any point, at least not most of the time, but there is hope, when we are what we ought to be.


iOS 5 Caller ID Fix

The country code prefixing issue of iOS 5 can be fixed by Jail Breaking the iPhone (Untethered).

The phone can be temporarily Jail Broken and later updated when the fix is officially released by Apple in iOS 5.1.

Currently iOS 5.1 beta 2 has the fix, but is only available for developers.

Here is what you do:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer
  2. Switch off your iPhone
  3. Download Redsn0w 0.9.10b3 {Windows} or Download Redsn0w 0.9.10b3 {Mac}
  4. Run the installer
  5. Follow the instructions of the screen.

    It is super simple process and you don't need to do anything.

    Nothing will be lost. Your phone contents will be as before.

  6. Run Cydia application. (Allow it to download packages)

  7. Search for CallerID-Format Fix and don't forget to hit search button
  8. Select CallerID Fix Format-Fix for iOS 5
  9. Hit Install and Confirm
  10. Problem fixed.




Lulu Hypermarket Food Poisoning

Got a confirmed news from Lulu staff that food poisoning is true. Guess a staff member(s) is sufferring from an unknown (not confirmed) disease, which caused the issue.

Let’s wait and see what is the actual reason after a press release from Lulu or from any news source.

If only !

If only…


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Frogs in the well

One can't appreciate growth unless they get out of the well where the frogs hibernate.

Its when they come out they realize they have been stagnating and wasting precious seconds, so worthy of better purposes.

It's time. Get out of the well.

Les Miserables

Kid – Poverty – Steal – Convict – Animal – Dignity – Kindness – Love – Denounce – Adoption – Care – Father – Protect – Honor – Selflessness

Its a good movie, not to be missed.



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