There is a line in this song which is the exactly what I am experiencing now.

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Taxi drivers kidnapping women

Please be aware of the taxi drivers kidnapping women for petty sums of money into villas of evil men.

The following email is in circulation:

I am aware most of you do not travel in taxis, nevertheless, you may have employees that do, so just an FYI regarding this matter as we do not want the women we know or employ to fall victim to such brutal acts.


Yesterday I was at the Hilton and I phoned my regular taxi driver to pick me up. He told me that he would be a bit longer than what I expected, so I told him not to worry about it and that I would catch a taxi on the street.

An American woman overheard my end of the phone call and approached me after I had hung up. She is a teacher at ASK and her husband works at the American Embassy. Recently, American CIA agents have been asked to come in and investigate a particularly disturbing kidnapping scheme that is currently taking place in Kuwait. Men are paying taxi drivers sums of money to find them female expats and take them to these villas where the women are trapped inside and very gross and disturbing acts are done unto them. There have been busts in 2 villas recently, and over 150 women were found inside. They suspect that there are still many more that they have yet to find.

I then phoned my driver back and told him that I would wait for him to come. When he picked me up I asked him what he knew about this and he told me that he had heard of this happening and the taxi drivers are offered anywhere between 15 and 100KD to find women and bring them to these villas. Apparently the drivers pretend that they do not speak English and that they don’t know where they are going. Some of these villas are in Jahra.

I wanted to pass along the message to make sure that everybody is SMART and SAFE. I was very surprised when this woman told me this story.
So I suppose my recommendations would be to:

  • call your regular driver whenever you can, instead of catching a cab on the street  
  • carry your mobile in your hand and make sure the driver sees that you have one
  • if the driver does not take the right route, get out at the next stop light
  • have a male friend to accompany you on your taxi rides

If anybody else has some more suggestions, pass them along!!
Hoping everybody stays safe.

Ruhi Nayeem Unissa
Accounts Department
Tel:    +965 22249307
Fax:    +965 22249301


There is an awesome tool for choosing and making your own color sets.

Let it be your home or office or your special living room, you got tons of combinations of colors at Kuler.

Mix-match and make your own color sets with Adobe Kuler's color user interface.

The algorithm calculates most appropriate colors for single selection of color in different RBG ranges.

In layman terms, its cool and easy to use and you can make your own color sets, which actually look nice.

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Unnecessary thoughts, ideas and views got piled up.

All that which creeped in slowly and some have developed into habits.

Time to cut them off my being.

Need to empty thoughts and focus single mindedly.

There is another world, waiting at the other side and its beautiful.

I had the glimpse.


There is always something upon which we can rely on in a person.

How much ever unpredictable the person is, there is a predictability factor, which is very high in specific conditions.

If a person is obsessive about something, we can rely on that obsession. If she/he is a jealous person, we can rely on that jealousy.

All what we need to know is .. can we make use or is it beneficial for us… of what we are relying  upon


I guess its all about our expectations. We expect "something" in people to be reliable, so that what we predict about them comes TRUE.

Now that something might be a particular behavior or characteristic or a virtue or just about anything.


What if things don't work out the way we predicted?

We got something wrong. Either our observations are not correct or probably we did not conclude well or we had very little information or we did not analyze the conditions properly.

Either way our expectations went haywire. The problem with that is, if we don't realize it's OUR EXPECTATION/PLAN which failed, we without fail will blame the person, who did something other than our expectation.


The more valid information you have, the better it is. The more accurate your observations are about conditions and your subject's outcome and habits, the better is your probability of predicting success.

The more and more you get good at it, keeping the assumptions/guess factor to a miminum, the more happier you would be.

Why happy, because your expecations won't fail. When what you expect comes true, you are atleast not sad.


The moral of the story: "Know what you are relying upon in a person and be clear about the conditions in which the person is in"

Make sure its your call and you take the responsibility of it.

Sooner you will be much wiser than you thought you would be.

Gambler – Kenny Rogers

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday and may you have many happy returns of the day.

God bless.

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My Immortal

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I know your pain – Ewan Dobson

This music strums my inner chords and resonates with my Soul's frequency.

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More of Ewan Dobson

Wash Away

Level 5


Band Friends by Craig D'Andrea

Qualitynet Support !

Qualitynet Support: Hello, how can I help you?

Me: Hello. I have a 2 Mbps connection and it is extremely slow.

Qualitynet Support: We are facing a problem and have informed customers about it.

Me: I did not get any information from Qualitynet.

Qualitynet Support: You are calling for slowness. We have problem.

Me: When will it be fixed?

Qualitynet Support: Our technicians are working on it.

Me: How long is it going to take. Give me an approximate estimate.

Qualitynet Support: When it will be fixed, you will see an increase in the speed.

Me: Thank You.


If this is the kind of support you get from Qualitynet, I am shifting the connection.

We all understand that Qualitynet have been going through a rough patch because of connection issues.

However, nobody is ready to support their customers and give assurance that it will be fixed by approximately so and so time.

I guess the Qualitynet management should seriously think about educating their support teams on how to interact with the customers or risk losing customers.

A lot of complaints are there like me from many users of Qualitynet. Guess its high time for Qualitynet to realize the gravity of the problem.